If you want to get a souvenir or typical product from the area, in Úbeda and Baeza you can find any number of shops where you can buy it/them.

Moreover, Úbeda and Baeza also are the perfect cities to go "shopping" since they have a lot of boutiques and clothes, accessories and footwear shops.

We recommend you in the list below some of the typical products you can buy to give as a present or to have just as a souvenir at home.

Olive oil

You cannot leave Úbeda and Baeza if you haven't bought olive oil. You can find it with different bottling formats: carafes, plastic or glass bottles, cans, etc. and you can buy it with different acidity degrees, from 0,3 (the softest one) to 1 degree (the strongest). Moreover, both in Úbeda and Baeza you will find any number of brands, depending on the cooperative from which the olive oil comes. One advice when you buy olive oil is to take into account it should be extra virgin since it has more quality than the plainly "virgin" one.


Just as it happens with the olive oil,, Úbeda and Baeza are placed in one of the best areas to taste and buy table olives. You can find several types: green, black or cornezuelo olives (the last one is a variety which only grows up in the province of Jaén) To make these olives they are mashed and mixed with traditional products from the area as cooking salt, bay, garlic or thyme. To preserve them, they are put in a orza, a glazed earthenware jar, with water.

Pâté of Olives 

During your stay in Úbeda and Baeza you have to taste the typical pâté of olives. Not everybody uses to love this pâté because it has a different flavour from the other pâté, but try once is worth it. And, if you like it, go on, buy it and take it home.


Úbeda and Baeza have a big craft tradition . Even nowadays we can see some of the handicraft workshops from long ago. The pottery, the esparto, the foundry and the stained glass windows or artistic lamps can be pointed out. You can buy these products on specialized shops or souvenirs shops. Without any doubt, buing any of these handicraft products is worth it because they have a good quality and are beautiful.

You could find more information on the section of “Group of artisans" .


The whole year you can buy the typical candies of the area as the borrachuelos (fried paste with sugar and bow form), virolos (puff pastry with pumpkin and syrup cream), the oil bread, the "masaceite" cakes (made with olive oil), the ochios or the delicious milk cream rolls. You can buy these products on the cake shops or souvenirs shops.

It is also recommendable to visit some of the nuns convents because in some of them the nuns make delicious sweets. In Úbeda, you can buy them in the Saint Clare convent (Santa Clara Street) or the discalced Carmelite (Montiel Street) and in Baeza in the Monastery of Saint Anthony of the Nuns of the order of Saint Clare (Acera de la Trinidad, 12).


You cannot forget that in Úbeda and Baeza there are many boutiques and clothes, accessories and footwear shops where you can buy high quality products with not to expensive prices. Most of the shops are together on the same street, in Úbeda on the Obispo Cobos Street and in Baeza, on the San Francisco Street.

Due to the huge number of establishments there are in Úbeda and Baeza, those have joined together in different associations with the aim of improving the trade in the area and offer more commerce benefits to the clients. Úbeda has the Association Alciser  and Baeza has Abisc. 

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