The way we present you consist in passing one day in Baeza and other in Úbeda.

First day: Baeza



Morning of the irst day

Probably you will arrive to Baeza with your own car, if so, we recommend that you park on the Julio Burell or Carmen streets and also on the surroundings of the Wall, this area normally has some places and it is free. Moreover, you can park here for several days without any problem. If you come with other transportation, read carefully the section "How to arrive" to find more information about that. 

The entrance in most of the buildings isn't for free (for more information go the section of each monument). Due to that, maybe, getting a tourist tour which includes the inside of the monuments would be the best option. Here, you will find different enterprises devoted to offer tourist services in Úbeda and Baeza.

If you decide to go by yourself, we propose to you this route: 

Go to the Square of the Saint Cross, where you cn visit the Church of the Saint Cross, one of the few which has Romanesque style in Baeza. In front of it there is the Palace of Jabalquinto, current International University of Andalucia (UNIA). It is worth to observe carefully the abundant decoration of its façade and you should enter inside. Here, you can see the Renaissance courtyard and its majestic Baroque monumental staircase.

After, go to the Square of Saint Mary, in which there is a huge and peculiar stone fountain, and go inside the Seminary of Saint Philip Neri where you can observe a little Renaissance style courtyard. You cannot leave the square without going inside the Cathedral, a monument you should see due to its beauty. You will be surelly surprised.

After this walk, we recommend that you stop and relax with some tapas or, if you prefer it, eat something else. Here, we propose you a list of bars and restaurants where you can do it.



Afternoon of the first day

To walk off the meal, you can go to the Walk of the Constitution. After, go to the Square of the Populus where you can see the Fountain of the Lions. There are here the Former Butcher's shop (current Courts) and the Civil Courts and the Public Scribes Offices (current Tourist Information Office). Even if we cannot visit those buildings, it is essential to pay attention to their façades.

Next, you can go to the Former University where you can see the Antonio Machado classroom, which has been preserved in mint condition and decorated with the furniture of the period.

Continue your tour in the Museum of Baeza, it is interesting for you to visit it because you can know the history of the city through its collection since the Prehistory to the Modernity. You can finish your afternoon walking around the Wall (Muralla), from where you can see a complete view of the surroundings of Baeza and also the mountains next to it.

End your tour visiting the Town Hall, current city Council of Baeza. Generally, it is open in the afternoons. Even if it is closed, it is worth to see its façade.

Lastly, if you want to go shopping, visit the Saint Paul Street, where you will find many shops.

Here you are a list of cafeterias, bars, restaurants and drink places of Baeza in which you can continue the evening.


Second day: Úbeda


Morning of the second day

To go to Úbeda by car, you should take the A-316 road. Once you arrive, you could park on the surroundings of the Wall (Muralla). If you come with other transportation, read carefully the section "How to arrive" to find more information about it.

From here, go to the Vázquez de Molina Square, where you can visit the Sacred Chapel of the Saviour and the Collegiate of Saint Mary of the Royal Fortresses. The entrance to those buildings is not for free (for more information go to the section of each monument). 

If the Palace of the Dean Ortega, current National Tourist Parador, and the Palace Juan Vázquez de Molina, current City Council of Úbeda, are not monuments you can visit inside, you can look out off their beautiful Renaissance courtyards.

Next, you can visit the Palace Vela de los Cobos. Remember you have to make an appointment to visit this monument (more information on the section of the monument).

After, move closer to the Church of the Trinity. If you want to visit it inside, you should take into account that this church is opened really early, around 9 am and it closes around mid-morning. Then, go to the Square of Andalucia and have a look to the Clock Tower, where you can see a commemorative plaque reminding the visits of the King Charles V.

To finish the morning, visit the Hospital of Santiago. As there are many shops at the same street where this monument is placed, you can take the most of them and go shopping.

After this walk, we recommend that you stop and relax with some tapas or, if you prefer it, eat something else. Here, we propose you a list of bars and restaurants where you can do it.



Afternoon of the second day

Start your tour at the Museum of Saint John of the Cross; it opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 5 to 7pm. It is closed on Mondays. The visit includes also the inside of the Church of Saint Michael and its oratory.

Go to the First of May Square after that, where you can visit the Church of Saint Paul, in which you can go inside for free. It is important to take into account that this monument only opens from 7 hours in the afternoon. Moreover, the beautiful façade of the Music School should be observed, placed in one of the square corner and it was the former Town Hall. Also, you should see the sculpture of Saint Jean of the Cross located in the middle of the square.

You can stop a little moment and have a coffee at the Square of the First of May, the Real Street or their surroundings.

After, you can visit the House of the Towers, but you have to take into account that it isn't open during the weekend. To end your tour, walk along the Walls (Murallas), where you could be fascinated by the "ocean of olive trees" mentioned many times by Antonio Machado and also by the beautiful landscape of Sierra Mágina. Here, you can see some of the most important border doors as the Door of Granada or this one of the Losal.

Here we propose to you a list of bars and restaurants where you can have some drinks or have diner.

After diner time, if you still feel strong enough to continue discovering Úbeda, here we give you some drink places where you can enjoy of a good ambiance and good music.

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