There are some many places of interest in Úbeda and Baeza to visit, but there are some which you cannot miss:


In Úbeda

Plaza Vazquez de Molina IMG_0135– Vázquez de Molina Square. Here, the most important monuments of interest are placed, which are the best example of the existing Renaissance architecture  in Spain


Capilla de El Salvador Interiores IMG_0538– Sacred Funeral Chapel of the Saviour. This is one of the most beautiful and outstanding churches of Úbeda, in which we can highlight the altarpiece of Alonso de berruguete and the grille which separates the church in two spaces.


Santa Maria IMG_0127– Collegiate Church of Saint Mary of the Royal Fortresses. Main church of Úbeda, after 28 years closed to the public and a big reconstruction, its doors have been recently opened.


IMG_0118– Juan Vázquez de Molina Palace. Perfect representation of the Italian palaces from the Renaissance period, its courtyard can be pointed out with its semi-circular arches, the porches made by marble columns and the wooden ceiling of the Municipal Files.


Hospital de Santiago IMG_0757– Hospital of Santiago. Architectural jewel of the civil Renaissance in Spain made by Andres de Vandelvira. Nowadays it is a cultural centre of exhibitions and  conferences.


In Baeza

plaza de santa maria 2 opt– Saint Mary Square. Here, the most important monuments of interest are placed, highlighting the impressive stone fountain which has the prominence being placed in the middle of the square.


plaza de santa maria 1 opt– Cathedral of Baeza. Good of Cultural Interest, the trace of Andrés de Vandelvira can be seen in some of its chapels. You cannot miss the Procesional Monstrance.

plaza del populo opt

– Square of the Populus. Other of the most beautiful and charming fountains of Baeza, the Lions Fountain. One fountain of big dimensions which guards all the enclave.


palacio jabalquinto opt– Palace of Jabalquinto. These days it is the  central office of the International University of Andalucia (UNIA) and the beauty of its façade decoration can be pointed out, with many ornamental motifs.

antigua universidad 2 opt

– Former University. First university of the province of Jaén, the writer Antonio Machado gave lessons on it when it became a highschool.


Besides this places, you cannot miss the nearby visits.


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