Restaurant El Seco

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Calle del Corazón de Jesús, 8. 23400 Úbeda (Jaén)

  Placed on a strategical point of Úbeda, you could find a fantastic place where taste a clear example of the gastronomy of Úbeda and Andalusia. You can try the most homemade dishes with the mastery given by the time to Leer más →

Restaurante El Rincón Baezano

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Avenida Andalucía, 36. 23440 Baeza (Jaén)

  The Rincón Baezano is a three star restaurant that offers traditional food in deconstruction, i.e., using the basic elements of the traditional cuisine, create new textures and flavors. All of this is accompanied by a careful presentation and design, not Leer más →

Restaurant El Porche

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Calle de la Redonda de Santiago, 7. 23400 Úbeda (Jaén)

  The Restaurant El Porche is placed next to the Hospital of Santiago in the city of Úbeda, in the province of Jaén. El Porche offers a traditional, homemade and regional Andalusia cuisine. They make a selection of the best and fresh Leer más →

Restaurant Asador El Trujal

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Calle del Moral, 8, 23400 Úbeda (Jaén)

  Restaurant Asador El Trujal is located in the historical centre of Úbeda, World Heritage Site city. They are specialists in traditional cuisine made with natural products and they offer a long menu giving you the possibility to enjoy the typical Andalusian gastronomy Leer más →

Restaurant Pizzeria Venecia

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Calle Huelva, 2. 23400 Úbeda (Jaén)

  At the restaurant Venecia they are experts on Italian food, especially on pizzas, but they also prepare all kinds dishes as pasta, meat, fish, etc.

Restaurant Vandelvira

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Calle de San Francisco, 14. 23440 Baeza (Jaén)

  The Restaurant Vandelvira is placed inside some of the rooms of the Convent of Saint Francisco, built by Andrés de Vandelvira during the XVI century. The building is made with vault arches, stonewalls, majestic staircases and an exquisite decoration. There some Leer más →

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