Restaurant Industry

Cafe Suizo

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Calle Obispo Cobos, Pasaje San Miguel. 23400 Úbeda (Jaén)

  In a winter evening, when the rain wets your soul, a cup of coffee with a friend comforts you and brings you back to the life you missed so much. Memories of laughs appear around a cup of hot coffee Leer más →

Restaurante El Rincón Baezano

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Avenida Andalucía, 36. 23440 Baeza (Jaén)

  The Rincón Baezano is a three star restaurant that offers traditional food in deconstruction, i.e., using the basic elements of the traditional cuisine, create new textures and flavors. All of this is accompanied by a careful presentation and design, not Leer más →

Restaurant Pizzeria Venecia

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Calle Huelva, 2. 23400 Úbeda (Jaén)

  At the restaurant Venecia they are experts on Italian food, especially on pizzas, but they also prepare all kinds dishes as pasta, meat, fish, etc.

Restaurant El Porche

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Calle de la Redonda de Santiago, 7. 23400 Úbeda (Jaén)

  The Restaurant El Porche is placed next to the Hospital of Santiago in the city of Úbeda, in the province of Jaén. El Porche offers a traditional, homemade and regional Andalusia cuisine. They make a selection of the best and fresh Leer más →

Restaurante Asador Al-Ándalus

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Calle Los Canos, 28, 23400 Úbeda (Jaén)

  The Restaurante Asador Al-Ándalus located next to the old town of Ubeda, is a magnificent dining alternative. A luxury of details for your comfort, satisfaction and more pleasant environment, with the intention that can taste the best wines and exquisite dishes Leer más →

Restaurant Parra

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Calle Cerámica, 20 . Polígono Los Cerros Polígono. 23400 Úbeda (Jaén)

  They are experts in homemade cuisine and you can taste here delicious daily menus made following the traditional method.

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