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Andalusi House

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Calle Narváez, 11. 23400 Úbeda (Jaén)

  The Andalusi House was built by the Jewish convert family Narváez Chirinos in the middle of the XV century. It has a courtyard with columns and mudejar coffered ceilings from the period. Inside, there is a big collection of pieces which Leer más →

Church of Trinidad

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Calle Trinidad. 23400 Úbeda (Jaén)

  This is one of the few Baroque churches, as a consequence of the Renaissance, carried out by the architect Andrés de Vandelvira, which had a really strong development and stayed in Baeza until the XVIII century. It was founded in 1250 Leer más →

Palace Vela of the Cobos

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Calle Juan Montilla, 6. 23400 Úbeda (Jaén)

  Really close to the Palace Vázquez de Molina, the Renaissance style Palace Vela de los Cobos is placed. Even if it is a private property run by the Sabater family since 1873, you can visit it making an appointment. It is worth Leer más →

Door of Granada

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Puerta de Granada. 23400 Úbeda (Jaén)

  Parts of the Arabic wall and some of its doors have arrived perfectly preserved to these days. Due to that, you should pass though it and, like this, you will know by yourself which was the urban order during the Leer más →

Synagogue of Solomon

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Plaza de los Carvajal, s/n. 23400 Úbeda (Jaén)

  Going inside the Synagogue of Solomon is travelling in time. Going inside is also knowing how the Jewish communities used to live when they were settled in the Peninsula. That is due to this place is decorated with Sephardic elements Leer más →

Palace of the Dean Ortega

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Plaza de Vázquez de Molina. 23400 Úbeda (Jaén)

  Next to the Sacred Chapel of the Saviour, you will find other of the most emblematic buildings of the Vázquez de Molina Square: the Palace of the Dean Ortega. Besides of visiting it, you will also eat and stay in Leer más →

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