The Paseo de la Constitución (Walk of the Constitution) was created to host the market of the city since the XVI century. Nowadays, it has become in a walking place and a meeting point for all the inhabitants of Baeza, since it was set up with banks and green areas.

The buildings that surround the walk present the typical structure of the Castilian arcade squares, now that its lower part is designed as a colonnade. On them, the ancient craft guilds were placed.

Between the monuments that are held on the square, the Fountain of the Star stands out. It was built during the second half of the XIX century to honour the Revolution of 1868, "The Glorious". It is formed by a circular stone base and, in its centre, a square obelisk raises, finished with a nine points star.

Without any doubt, the most representative building of the area is the Alhóndiga, the warehouse, placed in one side of the square. You can see it if you place yourself on the Fountain of the Star and look at the right perpendicularly.  It is characterized for having three heights, the first one is formed by semi-circular arches, the second and the third ones are formed by a columns’ gallery following the Renaissance style. In this place, the grain trade was coordinated.

At the end of the walk, a famous cafeteria was placed, the Mercantil coffee, which has been closed during the last few years due to the economic crisis.  This cafeteria was really known because it was the place where Antonio Machado used to have coffee every day during his stay in Baeza.