Baeza, as Úbeda, has also a square in which the main and more interesting buildings are placed. Due to that, the first thing you have to do when you arrive to Baeza would be going to the Saint Mary Square. This will surprise you, thanks of its beauty and the outstanding stone fountain that takes the prominence in the middle of the square. Due to this and other reasons, this area was declared World Heritage Site by the Unesco in 2003.

The Cathedral, the Main Town Hall (former headquarters of the city council) and the Conciliar Seminary (current International University of Andalusia), are some of the buildings that you will find walking around this square. Unfortunately, the Main Town Hall, the annexe building of the Cathedral, cannot be visited inside, but its façade deserves to be observed, one of the most traditional of all Baeza.

The fountain, which takes its name from the square, was built in 1564 as a monument to celebrate the arrival of the supply of water to the city. As you will observe, it is not a conventional fountain, since it is erected as an arch with pediment supported by classical columns. The municipal court of arms and this one of the Crown stand out. In the same way, it has an utility aspect having as aim the supplies of the inhabitants that were living in this place. Even if the fountain has been restored sometimes, with the passing of time, it got gradually damaged.