In 1978, the museum of Saint Jean of the Cross is created. It is worth visiting it because it has an ambient character with a realistic representation of what was the life of the Saint.

In addition, there are different objects displayed related to the work and life of Saint Jean of the Cross. We can point out some of them:

– Different relics as two fingers from his right hand.

– Chasuble used by Saint Jean of the Cross on the discalced Carmelite house in Écija (Sevilla).

– Table where his body was left after his dead.

– Autograph of Saint Jean of the Cross (1587).

– Two manuscripts about the beatification and canonization processes of the Saint (started in 1617).

– Wooden carving of Saint Michael Archangel, by José Risueño (XVII century).

– Fallen Christ, work of Juan de Mesa (XVII century).

– Terracotta model to make a bigger image placed on a convent of the Order of Granada, missing nowadays.

In addition, the convent has a Library about the Saint where there are all the publications related to the Saint and the fists editions of his works.

Precio de la entrada

The price for adults is 2 euros, for children and groups is 1,50 euro.