Standing in front of the Sacred Chapel of the Saviour and looking at the end of the square perpendicularly, you will find on the right side the Palace Vázquez de Molina or most commonly known as the Palace of the Chains, due to the chains placed in the front of the building. At the moment, the building holds the headquarters of the City Council of Úbeda.

Guarded by two stone lions, symbol of the city, the building shows in its main façade (this one of the Vázquez de Molina Square) some sculptures with human shape and wonderful columns in which you will see the three architectural orders. There are also some graffiti of that period (vítores in Spanish) which refer to commemorative events, personalities or social criticisms.

The construction of the palace started in 1562 under the direction of Andrés de Vandelvira, in order to be the housing of Juan Vázquez de Molina (nephew of Francisco de los Cobos and, like him, the State secretary of Charles V and the Chamber secretary of Philip II), main promoter of the project. Nevertheless, he never lived here. That is why the building was remodelled and adapted to be the monastery of the Dominican Sisters.

As you may observe, this building is made on masonry stone with a high chromatic quality and it is one perfect representation of the Italian palaces of the Renaissance period. Inside, a courtyard with semi circular arches creates a porch with marble columns and the central fountain attracts all the attention.

On the upper floor, the historical files of the city are placed. The first floor has a wooden Mudejar style coffered ceiling and bull's-eye windows, being able to see through them the Collegiate Church of Saint Maria and the Sacred Chapel of the Saviour. The building is ended by a stone corbelled cornice and two little towers erected on its top.

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