Just in front of the Palace Juan Vázquez de Molina you will find the magnificent Collegiate Church of Santa María de los Reales Alcázares, one of the best examples of how the history, the passing of time and the architectural evolution could change its aspect.  We can find on it some rests of the Bronze Age, a Roman temple devoted to the goddess Diana and a Moorish mosque. Nevertheless, after the conquest of Úbeda by the Christian king Ferdinand III the Saint (1233), the mosque was converted into Main Church.

Attached to the Moorish walls, on its façade –built in 1510 and finished in 1645 by Perdo de Vera– you should notice the interesting mix of medieval and classicist characteristics and the two big belfries with three bells each. It is also important to see the side door known as The Consoled (La Consolada), a work of Pedro de Cabo with Renaissance style images made by Luis de Zayas. 

To go into its interior, you should pass through its splendid cloister with Gothic arches and tracery vaults supported by stone columns. Inside, you will observe a Gothic-Mudejar style church with five naves and square columns and Gothic chapels with grilles made by the Master Bartolomé. The ceiling is formed by a barrel vault created on the XVII century and decorated with the coat of arms of the first bishops of Jaén and Diego de los Cobos.

As a consequence of the lean of the pillars, the temple was closed to be restored in 1983. After 28 years of works and also due to the different architectural tendencies, the building has changed enormously its original structure and it has lost a huge amount of movable properties took to other temples and some museums.

The current appearance of the temple, as you will see, is characterized by the wooden roofing and the elimination of the plaster leaving the original stones of walls and side chapels. The floor has been paved on marble and ceramic as well, and the façades have been also cleaned.

If you visit the side chapels, you will see the statues of some Brotherhoods of the Holy Week because they exhibit their statues and their processional floats. Between them, we will find the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace, Our Father Jesus of the Fall, Our Father Jesus Nazarene, the Holy Burial of Christ and the Holy Sepulchre or the Virgin of Guadalupe, patron Saint of Úbeda, whose image can be found on the temple between May and September.

The Collegiate Church of Santa María de los Reales Alcázares was declared National Monument in 1926 and it is a part of the World Heritage Site elements declared in 2003. It is the main church of Úbeda and the third of the diocese of Jaén.

Precio de la entrada

The price for adults is 4 euros (audio guide included), for retired and pensioners is 2,50 euros and for children is 1,50 euros. The groups ticket (minimum 20 people) costs 2,50 euros per person. Nevertheless, the access to the Chapel of the Virgin Guadalupe during its stay on the temple, months of May to September, is free. You will visit it entering by a side door and passing through the cloister.