Just in front of the Jabalquinto Palace you will find the Church of the Saint Cross. This church is characterized by being one of the few churches with Romanesque style that has been preserved on a perfect state until nowadays. It dates from the end of the XIII century and it was built after the conquest of Baeza by Ferdinand III.

This building has suffered numerous transformations, as much outside as inside. On the XV century, due to an enlargement, the north facade of the church disappears, where a chapel is erected. The current main facade comes from the Saint Jean Baptist church.

It is worth to look at the facade, because it was covered by neoclassical structures. This is perfectly distinguished on the capitals decoration of the columns. Inside, a mudejar roof was changed for the current one after confirming its poor condition. On the XX century, the primitive structure was restored and the classical decoration was took off by the General Direction of Beaux Arts of Spain.

You will observe that its walls and the apse are masonry made and closed by a moulding cornice. The main facade, an ashlar, presents a projecting section composed by a semi-circular opening with flat archivolts, placed upon columns with acanthus leaves capitals. It is closed by a moulding cornice as the other facade.

Inside, you will differentiate three naves, covered by a wood panelling, supported by stoned columns. The central nave should be pointed out due to its barrel vault. You will find there a semi-circular apse, which is covered by fresco paintings from the XVI century.

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