Placed at 11.3 and at 14.3 km from Baeza and Úbeda respectively, Canena is known by having one of the most important health resort of the province of Jaén, The Spa of Saint Andrew (Balneario de San Andrés). Moreover, it has a medieval castle perfectly preserved, where all type of cultural events take place as concerts, theatre plays, etc.

Canena is placed at the entrance of the region of La Loma and is crossed by the road which joins Córdoba with Valencia.

Even if there are sites of the Roman period proved by the aqueduct of the spa, this town was formed around the castle, which dates from the XIII century. It was a property of the Calatrava Order and, after that it was converted into the Palace of Francisco de los Cobos in the XVI century, made by Andrés de Vandelvira.

The urban distribution of Canena is made with a concentric idea as a half-moon down the castle. The old town shows an urban location rich in aesthetic, landscape and architectural aspects. The streets of García Lorca, Jumilla, La Bodega and the Corrillo can be pointed out.

You have to visit in Canena the outstanding castle, of course, but also the Fuente Nueva (New fountain), the Parish Church of Our Lady of the Conception, the Shrine of Our Lady of the Remedios, the Ruins of the Mill, the Roman Aqueduct or the Cross placed on the Saint Marcos stairs.

If you want to visit Canena, you should pick from Úbeda the N-322 road and, from Baeza, the A-6101 and the JA-4104.

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