Placed on a privileged entourage, in front of the Town Hall of Baeza, a monument with Plateresque façade where you can lose yourself looking at its details with a good glass of wine and a tapa made with our liquid gold (extra virgin olive oil).

The good food and drinks don't hurt anybody, moreover, when it becomes into an art by using natural products as the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our "Almazaras" (olive oil factories).

The specialities are the Almazara salad, asparagus, mushrooms, artichokes stuffed with cod, casserole of broad beans, red peppers. etc. Their succulent meats as the bull tail, leg of calf, baby lamb, homemade pâtés, pickled partridges… Regarding fishes, we recommend you to taste their delicious angler fish and prawns brochettes.