On the Archaeological Museum, there are not only high valued pieces inside, but the building in which they are. Placed on a Mudejar style house from the XIV and XV century, the museum is organized around a central courtyard formed by four galleries. Its access and an arcade forming a porch which was, originally, the gallery that went to the garden or corral also stand out.

This place could be really curious for you because the exhibition area has been adapted to the building characteristics and not the opposite, as it is common.

On the ground floor, concretely in the room number one, you will find prehistoric rests as stone utensils coming from some palaeolithic sites of the province and iron objects coming from grave goods from the Bronze Age excavated in the Alcázar district of Úbeda.

In the courtyard, you will find sculptural pieces, fragments of architectural elements and funeral steles from the Roman epoch. Here, we can stand out the Mudejar façade from the XIII century.

On the first floor, there are pieces from the Iberian and Roman epochs as cinerary urns and other ceramic vessels. You will also find ceramics of domestic use from the Medieval and Modern epochs coming from Úbeda and the province of Jaén.

On the open gallery, there is part of the woods, polychrome with Mudejar latticed decoration, from the original artisan of the house.

Precio de la entrada

The entrance is free for the European Union citizens. For other countries people, 1,50 euros.