We have to pay a special attention to the classroom where the writer Antonio Machado gave his French Grammar lessons at the high-school placed on the Former University. This classroom has been preserved with the same furniture of that time: ancient school desks, professor desk with brazier, wooden clothes stand…

Antonio Machado lived in Baeza from 1912 to 1919. He decided to leave Soria and come back to Andalusia, his native land (he was born in Seville), after the death of his wife Leonor.

When he arrived to Baeza, Machado would find a provincial and boring Andalusia and he would direct all his criticism to that.

Being in Baeza, he publish in 1912 Campos de Castilla, a work where the author separates himself from the modernist characteristics of his previous works and gets closer to the patriotic curiosity from the authors of the Generation of 98’. At the same time, he starts redacting Los complementarios, a notebook that will be edited after his death. Moreover, in 1917, a poetic work anthology and his first edition of Poesías completas, a complete poetry book, were published. This same year, he met Federico García Lorca in Baeza, appearing a great friendship between them.

After living in Baeza, he moved to Segovia, where he would find a cultural atmosphere more in accordance with his liking. As a result of the Spanish Civil War, he moved to Madrid, Valencia and then to Barcelona. Finally, on 22 February 1939, he died at the French city of Colliure.