When is the best season to visit Úbeda and Baeza? What kind of clothes should I pack? Do I need a special visa or passport? Is it an expensive destination?

We have created this section in order to solve these doubts and some questions that come up once you want to plan your trip. Let, then, the contact details of tourism offices, as well as other information of interest:

· Oficina de Turismo Úbeda (c/ Baja del Marqués, s/n y Plaza de Andalucía, 5): 

953779204, 953779205 / 953769450. Ext. 1148, 1151, 1152

· Oficina de Turismo Baeza (Plaza del Pópulo, s/n): 

953779982, 600140682


Documentation needed Can I travel to Úbeda and Baeza without my passport? Do I need any kind of visa? Can I travel only with my ID card? 


The weather When is the best season to travel to Úbeda and Baeza? Is winter cold? Is summer too hot?


Official festivities Which are the official festivities in Úbeda and Baeza? When are the monuments and museums closed in Úbeda and Baeza? Which official festivities I cannot lose? 


Prices Which is the standard of living in Úbeda and Baeza? How much costs a beer? Do I take a lot of money?


Language Which language is spoken in Úbeda and Baeza? Which words or expressions have a frequent use? 


Comercial times At what time are shops open in Úbeda and Baeza? Which days are they closed? At what time do they close?


People with reduced mobility Are Úbeda and Baeza adapted cities for people with reduced mobility? Can I visit Úbeda and Baeza with my wheelchair? Are there adapted hotels? 


Security and telephones of interest Are Úbeda and Baeza safe cities? Is the delinquency rate high? Which is the emergency phone?


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