The main activity is the cabinetmaking and, within, the production of classical Spanish style furniture to order with Renaissance influences where there is a predominance of decorative motifs. Traditional furniture with popular style is also made as cupboards and tables.

The most used woods are those of pine and walnut trees, but also this one of the olive trees. The last one is used to elaborate furniture, wooden floors and little household goods (salad bowls and utensils).

Additionally to that, there are also artisans dedicated to the carving and gilding of images following the traditional techniques of the imagery of Andalusia and adapting them to the new creations and the restoration.

– Carpentry and Cabinetmaker's shop of San Jaime

San Jaime, 18 (Úbeda) 


Most of their works are focused on the classical Spanish furniture and the Andalusia popular ones, which are made with noble materials, synonyms of comfort and durability.


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