The stonework, which has a long historical tradition in Úbeda and Baeza, has experimented during the last decades a new age due to the restoration and remodelling of the historical buildings.

There are many workshops who develop this work and make, with local sandstone or masonry, the sculpture of any type of decorative pieces, starting with fountains or columns and finishing with chimneys or carvings.

– José Muñoz Moreno "Muros"

C/ Beltrán de la Cueva, 24 (Úbeda)


The carved stone is the main character of most of the buildings we find in these two Renaissance Cities. Thanks to the good deeds of this artisan, this wonderful heritage of the master stonemason has arrived until these days.

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 Baepiedra S.C.A.

c/ Genil, s/n. Polígono de la Dehesilla (Baeza)


Baepiedra is a company with 15 years on the commerce of the natural stone. Even if their works are varied, the handcrafted stone sculptures can be pointed out, also all kinds ornamentations with different styles, heraldic coats or arms, fountains, chimneys, columns, flooring with different types of materials (calcareous stone also sandstone with several carving), natural stone ashlar façades or with other different finishing (flat chisel, stonecutter's chisel, bush hammering), rustic façades with masonry or mausoleum, pantheons or pits on natural stone.

Also, they make the restoration of façades and monuments, replacing bad conditions stones for other new natural stones; or the cleaning of façades with pressurized machines (water and sand). 

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