The pottery is one of the most outstanding manifestation which characterizes the culture of Úbeda. With Arabic origins, its intense green colour can be highlighted. Between its production, you will find all kind of pieces and they are normally decorated using holes, incisions and embroideries and filigrees made with white clay.

You will find in Úbeda different pottery artists who have done a pure art of the ceramics.

– Cerámica Alameda

Camino del cementerio, s/n (Úbeda) 

953751803 /  

Even if different generation have passed through this pottery workshop, the new successors have known how to capture the good deeds of their predecessors. They have combined the traditional pottery with the most innovating techniques as the metallic reflection, the raku (oriental decoration technique), under and over cover, dry string, several types of varnishes, etc.

Here you will find traditional pottery pieces, decorative and practical ones (plates, pitchers and vases, drinking jug, candelabras, tiles, etc.) but also objects which show the trendy designs.


– Alfarería Melchor Tito

c/ Fuenteseca, 17 / Valencia, 44 (Úbeda)

953753365 / 953753692

Descendants of a long family saga dedicated to artistically model the clay, the ceramics of Melchor Tito tries not to forget the ancient pottery. They do not only use the same design and colour, but they also follow the traditional process of elaboration.

Moreover, this is one of the few ones who still make objects from olden times as oil bottles (alcuzas in Spanish), earthenware jars, pitchers, plates, cheese dishes, earthenware bowls or cooking pots as well as reaper's pots, hunter's jars, water jars (azumbres) portable cooks (anafres), birth jars (paridera) or mortars.


– Alfarería Góngora

c/ Cuesta de la Merced, 32 (Úbeda) 


Since the opening of the Alfarería Góngora in 1846, five generations have already passed through its potter's wheel. Nevertheless, the passage of time did not have a significant impact because it has known how to fit into the exigencies of the current market.

The good deeds of its potters has transformed the artistic and popular ceramic (oil bottles, pitchers, pots or plates) into pottery with useful and also only purposes. To that end, they have created their own objects as sculptures and vases with figures.


– Alfarería Alfar Pablo Tito

c/ Valencia, 22 (Úbeda) 

953751496  / / 

This pottery workshop has a large and deeply-rooted family tradition and they create typical pottery pieces as oil bottles, clay pots or earthenware jugs, but with any doubt their real speciality are the big size works and sculptures. The huge plates and the glasses of the Alhambra should be pointed out and, at the same time, the collection of Quijotes. Green, brown and black are the most used colours on their works.

The workshop has been declared Good of Ethnological Interest by the Junta de Andalucía (Government of Andalucía) and it also has the Museo de Alfarería Paco Tito Memoria de lo Cotidiano (Pottery Museum Paco Tito Memory of the everyday life), where all the most important works of this potter are dispalyed. You can visit the museum between Monday and Saturday from 8 to 14 and from 16 to 20. Sundays and Holydays from 10 to 14.


– Alfarería Almarza

c/ Valencia, 36 (Úbeda) 


The most outstanding thing of its pottery could be its decorative aspect. Most of their cacharros (popular name these pieces have) as oil bottles or drinking jugs with decorative animal elements as head of eagles, cocks or deers and also vegetable or floral motifs.

They also use the holes, the incisions or the embroidery in order to do their pieces more beautiful if possible. All is painted with a large range of colours: green, brown, blue, black and red.


– Alfarería Tito

Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 12 (Úbeda)


The pottery workshop of Tito had the National Award of  Pottery in 2006 and it stands out creating pieces which have been well adapted to the passage of time. Due to that, between its collection you will find the most ancient and traditional pottery, but also the most modern and young ceramic although they do not forget about the old-times pottery techniques.

They have works which appear in the film of Alatriste and in the series made by Televisión ESpañola (the national channel) Águila Roja.


– Alfarería Francisco Expósito "Tito"

c/ Valencia, 32 / Plaza de Santa Lucía, 2 (Úbeda)

953752024 / 953791562

Even if this workshop doesn't have a family tradition in pottery, Francisco Expósico decided to learn the clay art in the workshop of Tito. After knowing the techniques of the ceramics, he decided to open his own pottery workshop where he would develop an important work in research, development and innovation in terms of ceramic ovens free of pollutant emissions.

His collection is characterized by having traditional pieces adapted to the new market requirements. Like this, he empathise the value of the cobalt Renaissance blues or the profusion of the Baroque colours.


– Centro Ocupacional

c/ Alberquilla, s/n (Úbeda)


Their peculiar way of working with the clay can be empathised because they mix it wonderfully with the esparto grass. Moreover, their bright colours are a special characteristic of their glazed tiles, ashtrays and tiles.




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