Artistic Stained glass windows

– Vidrieras Arte y Cristal 

Explanada, 21 (Úbeda) 


Arte y Cristal is one enterprise founded in 1993 devoted to making artistic stained glass windows, decorative objects, designer lamps and the restoration of glass windows and lamps.

With the aim of finding the perfect balance in colours and forms, Arte y Cristal designs most of its works with a meticulous study to obtain the best result. To elaborate the stained glass windows, they use the techniques of lining with lead or copper and they also apply the technique of painting upon the flat glass, based on sketches and glazes, and the baking with high temperatures.

arteycristal4     arteycristal3     arteycristal2    arteycristal1

– Vidrieras Artísticas García Lucha

c/ Vidrieras, 6 (Úbeda) 


In 1970, Francisco García started, by chance, having interest by the art of the stained glass windows and making little works. But it was on the decade of the 1980's when he decided to do of this job a living.

In their workshop, they use the same methods which were used centuries ago by the artisans who made the stained glass windows of the Cathedral of Burgos and those of Notre Dame in Paris.


Artistic lamps

– Artesur

Plaza del Marqués, 2 (Úbeda)


It is one of the few workshops of artistic lamps remaining in Úbeda. Between their products we can find lamps and wall lamps with different forms and colours, made following the most ancient handicraft traditions based on glass, tin plate and tin. Moreover, they can make any design the client wants. 




Camino del Cementerio, s/n (Úbeda) 


Cartón Art appears with an innovative spirit in the handicraft sector in this city, using new techniques and materials as the papier mâché with their own and original designs. 

Generally, this enterprise is devoted to the making of decorative objects as carnival objects, accessories, company gifts or toy products, but also particular orders.


Coffered ceilings

– Blas Quesada 

Callejón de Ventaja, 4 (Úbeda)


He has been for more than twenty years devoted to artistic works, especially the research of ancient Spanish guilds, concretely about the ancient art of making polychrome coffered ceilings. Blas Quesada shows his works having them as added value the revival of the techniques and materials used by the ancient carpenters.

His coffered ceilings have complex iconographic programs and they constitute a wonderful way to transmit information.

blasquesadaartesonados1.jpg   blasquesadaartesonados4.jpg   blasquesadaartesonados3.jpg   blasquesadaartesonados2.jpg

– Paco Luis Martos

Plaza de los Olleros, 4 (Úbeda)


Paco Luis Martos or Artesonados Mudejares S.L. is devoted since 1997 to the restoration and making of artistic coffered ceilings with Mudejar and Renaissance styles. One of his achievements is managing not only to restore, but also maintain and guarantee the continuity of this artistic and handicraft speciality. He has also achieved to transmit this Spanish handicraft model to markets all around the world as this one in the United States because he has one office in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

This way, Martos has become a mundial model in this art which dates from the XIII and XVI centuries and its samples are a part of the wonderful ceilings of many churches and palaces. In addition, between his works, the restoration of one of the most emblematic buildings can be pointed out: the Alcazar of Toledo. 

artesonadosmudejares1.jpg  artesonadosmudejares5.jpg  artesonadosmudejares2.jpg  artesonadosmudejares3.jpg  artesonadosmudejares4.jpg


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