The artistic work with iron is still in force since the XVI century, preserving all the techniques of the foundry and the models, especially in grilles, which had a big development during the Renaissance period.

Nowadays, the handwork of foundry focuses on making pieces for the domestic furniture as headboards of beds, lamps or wall lamps and making urban objects as lampposts or benches. Moreover, they make handrails for balconies and windows, artistic locks and decorative objects.

– Artesur

Plaza del Marqués, 2 (Úbeda) 


Little workshop of foundry where traditional pieces are elaborated such as roof, standard and wall lamps, lampposts, chairs and tables. In addition, it is worth to visit this shop because, inside, there is a little basement where there are semi buried clay jars from the XIV century. 


– Forja Santa María “Tiznajo”

Jurado Gómez, 15 (Úbeda) 

953751281 /

Tradition –in terms of following the familiar trails of several generations of forge smiths and the quality of their pieces– and modernity –wanting to adapt themselves to the actual time and market exigences– are combined perfectly in this craft workshop.

Grilles, lamps, lampposts, wrought-iron gates, benches and flowerpot holders and also sculptures and portraits are the most highlighting elements of their production.


– Forja Úbeda

Valencia, 29 (Úbeda) 


Without forgetting the traditional process of foundry, Forja Úbeda offers avant-garde and modern design products, using for that high quality materials. Bedheads, bedroom furniture, tables, chairs, lighting, handrails, balconies and grilles are the products you will find in this establishment.

Moreover, on request, they make in foundry any type of personalised designs you desire.


– Forja La Aldaba

c/ María Auxiliadora, 70 bajo / Cronista Juan de la Torre (in front of the Hotel Ciudad de Úbeda)


This is a family company founded in 2001 which extend the labour and work of the main master forger smiths of Úbeda. Their work is characterized by the conjunction of tradition with the most original and avant-garde designs.

Their creations are based in all kinds iron works as furniture, handrails and doors, but also decorative pieces.



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