With Arabic origins, the handicraft production of the esparto arrived to Úbeda around the XI century and, during this period, the production of esparto carpets known as ubedies increased.

The same as with the pottery, the esparto has to adapt itself to the modern times becoming an only decorative product since this activity was directly linked with rural areas. Nowadays they can make carpets, tapestries and rush mats and also all kind of basket making pieces: canastos, capachos, aguaderas, espuertas, barjas or soplillo, as they are named in Spanish, to use them to carry anything.

– Centro Ocupacional

c/ Alberquilla, s/n (Úbeda)


This is one of the few esparto workshops which has been preserved nowadays in Úbeda. They make in a handmade way the natural esparto to create with it all type of objects as carpets or doormats and serviette holders, coasters or bread baskets. We can also distinguish the personal accessories as bags, hats, fans or baskets.



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