Apart from the  historical, artistic and cultural patrimony that Úbeda and Baeza have, both cities hide other details which make them unique.

Important people

Both Úbeda and Baeza have been witnesses of the birth of some of the most important personalities of our history. Moreover, some historical personalities decide in any moment of their life  to settle their residence in one of these two Renaissance cities.

Contemporary Artists

Úbeda and Baeza not only have created important personalities who have marked our history, but also, nowadays, both cities continue being witness of the birth of all kind of artists: singers, writers, painters, sculptors, actors, film directors and so on.

Group of Artisans

The hills of La Loma and, concretely, the cities of Úbeda and Baeza have a big concentration of artisans workshops. This is the consequence of the influence  of different cultures: Arabic, Mudejar and Renaissance cultures, which were developed in this places for years. Most of the Workshops are familiar ones because they have passed the handicraft tradition from parents to sons.

Settings of Films

Thanks of the big beauty and attractive of Úbeda and Baeza and the perfect building maintenance of its historic city centre, similar to the XV and XVI centuries, the streets of Úbeda and Baeza have been the main character of the filming in some of the most popular period films as Alatriste or La Conjura de El Escorial.


It is common that each place hides legends of fabricated stories  which usually are  supernatural. Here you will discover the most popular legends of Úbeda and Baeza, which have marked their history and their culture. 

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