Here you have a list with some cultural events which are celebrated in Úbeda and in Baeza that you cannot miss.

· Anniversary of the Title of World Heritage Site of Úbeda y Baeza:

In July. There are some celebrations on the occasion of the Title of the World Heritage Site of Úbeda and Baeza (3rd of July 2003).

In Úbeda Renaissance Celebrations are made, a series of activities to relieve old memories the splendour of the city during the XVI. We can point out the passacaglia, the theatre and the dance, the exhibitions and conferences, the concerts, the vintage dinners, the thematic tourist visits and the Medieval market and taverns. Moreover, the inhabitants of Úbeda use to disguise with clothes from the period and play some Renaissance typical scenes.

On the hand, in Baeza there are some music concerts which are played by the Municipal Band and the School of Music of Baeza.

· Centenary of Antonio Machado (Baeza):

Owing to the hundredth anniversary of the stay of Antonio Machado in Baeza, the City Council, in collaboration with other institutions (local, university, autonomic and national institution) want to pay a tribute to the writer through different activities. Like this, the work of the poet is transmitted and would not be forgotten. The years that Antonio Machado lived in Baeza were, with any doubt, the most fecund and deep years of his career.

If you want more information about the activities to be organized and also all the information relative to the period when Antonio Machado was in Baeza and his work, visit the web page of Machado in Baeza.

· International Contest of Historical Novel "Ciudad de Úbeda" ("City of Úbeda"):

November. It is celebrated in different places of the city as the Historical Fields Building, the Oratory of Saint John of the CrossThe Palace Vela de los Cobosthe Hospital of Santiago and the House of the Towers. Along the Contest, there would be different activities as communications, talks and presentations of great national and international prestige authors who write historical novels, and also theatre, literary guided visits, exhibitions and concerts. Moreover, all the participants to the event could opt for two prizes. For more information, visit the official page of the event or in the City Council of Úbeda (953 750 440 ext. 4).

· Cycle 'Amanos pal flamenco' (Úbeda):

Organized by the collective Flamenco Activo, this event brings together the main leading figures of the flamenco as singers, guitarists or dancers. It is usually celebrated at the Auditorium of the Cultural Centre of the Hospital of Santiago in Úbeda and lasts several months. The objective of this cycle is to divulge and promote the flamenco art.

· Cinefan Festival of Úbeda:

From 16th to 21st of July. The Cinema Festival of Úbeda is organized by Cero Culture and Semer Turismo and it tries to get the public closer to a certain cinematographic world through an icon, a film saga, a film, a cinema director or a particular genre with a protruding recognition along the history of the seventh art. On its first edition, they treated the character of Indiana Jones and his films. For more information click here.

· Meeting of lace made with bobbins (Encuentro de Encajes de Bolillos):

In June at Úbeda and in September at Baeza. Curious event between the others because, due to these types of initiatives, the tradition of making laces with bobbins isn't forgotten. Making laces with bobbins is a sewing technique worth seeing because it consists in interweaving threads that are rolled in reels. They use for that a series of needles placed on a pattern upon a small pillow. In both the event in Úbeda and the event in Baeza  there are many people participating coming from the province of Jaén and also from other places.

· European Comic Festival of Úbeda and Baeza:

From 17th to 20th of October. The European Comic Festival of Úbeda and Baeza is a unique event with contents treat the European production of the ninth art, artistic genre that doesn't have a specific place, but share it in different competitions with the Japanese manga, the American comic-book and others.

The organization of the Festival is in charge of the Association "Cero Culture", the Association Viñeta 6, the City Councils of Úbeda and Baeza and the company Semer Turismo. The collaborative entities are, among others, the Province Government of Jaén (Diputación Provincial), the club UNESCO of Baeza and the Youth Association "Hipérbole". 

All the information and news about the Festival can be followed in its web page.

· Festival of Oral Narration "En Úbeda se cuenta…" ("It is said in Úbeda"):

In June. Organized by the Malión Association, is one of the most important narration festivals in Spain. On it, there are first level narrators who participate and it has a large number of fans of all ages because this event is developed in some of the most charming places of the World Heritage Site city. Apart from the storytelles, you can also enjoy the exhibitions and music shows.

· Festival of Music, Animation and Video games of Úbeda, Play Fest:

In July. Created in 2012, the Play Fest is a pioneer event because not a single festival, national or international, combines on its agenda activities related to the Animation, the Videogames and their Music. The installations of the Hospital of Santiago are those in where the Festival is hosted. For more information, visit the official web page of the Play Fest.

· Festival of Ancient Music of Úbeda and Baeza:

Between November and December. The objective of the Festival of Ancient Music is to make a tour through the ancient music, including some variations, since the most conservative until the most progressive ones, passing through these that are more classical and avant-garde trends. To this effect, as much in Úbeda as in Baeza, and also in other places around them, the most important musicians, compositors and singers of the music scene get together. You can find more information at the official web page of the Festival of Ancient Music of Úbeda and Baeza.

· Festival of Music and Dance "Ciudad de Úbeda":

Between May and June. Organized by the Cultural Association "Amigos de la Música" and the City Council both of Úbeda, this is one of the most outstanding Festivals of the cultural scene because, in it, some of the most important musicians, singers and dancers are participating, national and international ones. Generally, each year this festival is devoted to one author with fame and really famous pieces are performed. The Festival is celebrated in some unique installations, the Hospital of Santiago in Úbeda, making it even more attractive. You can find more information at the official web page of the Festival of Music and Dance "Ciudad de Úbeda"  or using the e-mail address

· Feria or Route of the Tapa:

Baeza in March and Úbeda in September. Different associations, bars and restaurants create special tapas for this occasion. You cannot miss this event if you want to taste the typical products of the area with economic prices. In Baeza, this route is celebrated in the different food establishments which participate in this contest. In Úbeda, there is a space equipied to this occasion and normally it is the Plaza de las Farolas (the Lampposts Square) where some bars, tables and chairs are distributed. Moreover, during the last years in Úbeda is also celebrated a route of the tapa that normally takes place in March.

· Fair of Autumn Theatre of Úbeda:

It is celebrated at the same time as the Feria of Úbeda (end of September and beginning of October). Along a whole week, in Úbeda, some of the most representative theatre plays from the cultural scene are taking place and they count with a large number of spectators.  There are not only local theatre companies and actors, but also national and really famous ones.


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